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A list of the main projects I am currently involved.

Neotropical Tree Communities database

Lead coordinator of this long-term project which aims to synthesize the existing knowledge on the structure and diversity of Neotropical forests and shrublands.

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The threat status of endemic Atlantic Forest trees

Lead researcher of the project aiming to support the conservation of tropical trees species that are threatened of extinction, based on the IUCN Criteria and Categories. 

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Ground monitoring of forest change

Long-term project to describe and monitor four 10.24-ha permanent forest plots established in 2002 in main forest types of São Paulo state Brazil: Wet, Seasonal, Cerrado and White-sand forests. Together they shelter over 480 species of trees, shrubs, palms and tree ferns.

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Synthesis of Neotropical Tree Biodiversity

International effort to dissect the patterns of tree diversity and rarity across Latin American biomes, based on over 8,000 inventories of forests and savannas, and to assess species extinction risks in the Neotropics.


Managing records from biological collections

Author of this open-source, award-winning computer program to assist the assessment of the quality of species records for downstream analysis. The package was written using R.



Crossing tree abundance and pollen data

This project aims to develop new protocols and utilities to combine plant abundance data and pollen data, bringing together two scientific communities, the community ecologists and paleoecologists to better characterize the link between modern and past vegetation.


Plant ID

Image-based recognition of plants

Project that aims to collect images and test the performance of applications for the identification of plant species using artificial intelligence, focusing on tree species of the Brazilian flora.


Enhancing our understanding of rainforests 

Member of the Brazilian team, which is one of the semifinalists competing in this challenge to accelerate the innovation of technologies for biodiversity assessment and revealing the true potential of the standing tropical rainforests.

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